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Message from Jose E. Prieto, President of Business Initiative Directions


It is a great honour to be the President of Business Initiative Directions. Receiving an International Quality Award is a highly sought after accolade throughout the international business community, and as an organization we look toward the future with much optimism. Business Initiative Directions is a distinguished organization committed to the recognition and expansion of quality in the business world. In 1986, founding members developed the QC100 Total Quality Management Model as a way for businesses to improve efficiency, client satisfaction and ultimately, profit.

In my opinion, quality is truly implemented when a business constantly strives to improve, even when things are going well. Companies come in different shapes and sizes, as such, quality bears a different meaning for each one. Innovation and excellence are not words we use lightly, but rather form the essence of what we, Business Initiative Directions, look for when awarding companies for their commitment to quality. Our journey as an organization over the last three decades has surpassed all of my personal expectations.

From humble beginnings, we have grown into an international organization in every sense and have seen the QC100 model implemented in 178 countries. What started as a desire to help businesses improve results has turned into an international movement to increase not only quality in business, but also quality of life as local economies grow through sustainable economic, environmental and social development. We are deeply committed to listening to the entrepreneurial community, CEOs, Founders and other leaders, as well as facilitating international discourse on quality management.

Our conventions serve as both recognition for outstanding companies, and an opportunity for distinguished leaders to share unique and valuable knowledge with others who have similar interests. I am very grateful to be part of this international business community, and play a small role in improving the welfare of people worldwide.

On behalf of the board, staff, volunteers and countless others who benefit from the support of our members, I would like to thank you for your commitment and generous contributions to the world of quality culture.

Jose E. Prieto

President and CEO Business Initiative Directions.